Tapes from India -Part 1 KHAL NAYAK soundtrack

I've never seen this film, but I've had the soundtrack for a long time (thanks Cha! maybe the only thing I'll ever thank you for...) aaand I finally got around to ripping it. Apparently the track "Choli Ke Peechhe" was a controversial song for it's racy title/query which translates to "what's behind your blouse" which apparently is akin to flashing a boob at the superbowl or something. It also made the song extremely popular. I saw something that said a track from this soundtrack was used on that slumdog millionaire film...I can't remember for sure. The other thing I found out is that These Tipps soundtrack cassettes feature commercials at the end of side A, and if f there wasnt enough room on a side to fit a track they'd edit it or cut it... I have been searching for a CD version of the soundtrack but I havent found one.

I just found a UK cassette version of this soundtrack today that has different commercial and mixes and sounds almost as lo-fi as the one I own. So I included the tracks from that rip in the folder as well... I think this soundtrack has some yatch rock tendencies at points but overall I love it and it was the first glimpse at the great weirdness of Indian film soundtracks for me... I still do not know much about Bollywood soundtracks but every once and a while over the years I've happened upon some gems...

Next up, NOLLYWOOD soundtracks? I still haven't heard one of those... or seen too much of one of those films but man the trailers are amazing!

factoid- Tricky sampled the beat to "O Maa Tujhe Salaam" on the track "Ponderosa"

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