YES, I am aware that the title of this mix is ridiculous. It actually took me what seemed to be a lifetime to complete it...several months! And it doesnt show! I think it did turn out to be a good segue from the usual mixes I have posted. I dont know if its the nature of the type of music or what, but I would get hung up on certain tracks for a long time and then quit. So I finally finished it. A Holiday "Drone" mix ?... 18 tracks 1:45:30. ENJOY. 198MB



Last night I had the opportunity to sit in at 1670AM
and play some tracks...It turned out to be a nearly 3 hour long show.

It was a good time, crushing "hi-fi" stereo tracks into compressed AM and broadcasting them to the masses (most likely me, Peter and Erin) for nearly a 1 mile radius.

Here's a approximate playlist, as there were records interspersed here and there....



"Dark mood woods/The red room" from the final episode.

FILE DELETED!!!... just realized it's in the LIFETIME IN A DAY MIX


Fantômas LIVE 10/29/98

*image from the 1964 Fantômas film...

I haven't listened to this in ages. Just pulled it out of the vault this morning...

This show was recorded at the (now defunct) Galaxy Club in Deep Ellum (now a veritable wasteland) in 1998. I recall the Galaxy Club being one of the worst shithole venues in Deep Ellum, although every once in a while they had a good show. Come to think of it, I don't have very many fond memories of any Deep Ellum clubs in the tail end of its heyday... Well, I suppose the Gypsy Tea Room had its moments...

This is a decent recording, with all tracks indexed. All material from their first release with the exception of the cover of T. Rex's "Chariot Choogle" (which appears on a tzadik comp) that Mike Patton declares is a Rage Against the "Latrine" song- clever!

*Note the pissed off rednecks who were there to see Dave Lombardo play metal. "PLAY SOME REAL MUSIC" and the bottles thrown in the trashcan near the recordist sometimes works as a bonus percussive instrument with this music.

The ridiculous play by play of events by yours truly at a tender and impressionable age of 23 is cringe-worthy...Recorded by Jason Jenkins.

Mike Patton
Buzz Osborne
Trevor Dunn
Dave Lombardo



After much deliberation, I've decided to give this album away again...If you feel inclined to support the label and the artist, purchase a Deluxe 320kbps Download with artwork

Beguiling the Hours was released JAN 31 2009 by life and living records in the UK as a 320 kbps download with a 12 page PDF file of liner notes. I'm not even sure how many downloads it had over the year, especially from the US. Originally, this was available for free download via Bird and Whale for a short while in its unmastered state.

This is a "reinterpretation" of Gareth Williams and Mary Currie's "Flaming Tunes" album. If you haven't heard the original, you should give the recent reissue from life and living records a listen (in the US go to RER USA, other music or aquarius records)...or check the flaming tunes website. I am actually waiting on a box of them from the label to distribute like a traveling salesman around select independent record stores in the US...

I found a bootleg of this impossible to find cassette-only release from the ex-This Heat member a few years ago ( the "After the Heat" bootleg, which was misleadingly said to have been unreleased This Heat material and later via the mended records blog). In depth information on Flaming Tunes can be found HERE

Late in 2007 I decided to record a track from it myself with similar "restrictions" of the original. I recorded with an old 4-track and minimal mics, etc... This eventually morphed into tracking 1/2 on 4 track and 1/2 garage band and became a full blown experiment in obsessive compulsive behavior re-recording (covering) the entire album.

I had initially made contact with Chris Cutler at RER who had just facilitated the This Heat Out of Cold Storage Box Set and Charles Hayward (This Heat / Camberwell Now etc...) in an attempt to find out about the reissue that hadn't happened yet. I was surprised at the quick response from both of them. I told Charles Hayward about the version of the album I made and he requested I send 3 copies to him and that he would give one to Charles Bullen, Mary Currie, and Mick Hobbs (from the bands the Work, the Momes, Officer!, and Family Fodder, etc.) who was working on the reissue for his label (life and living records). It was through contact with these people that I got an offer to release this record almost in conjunction with the reissue of the original. I would not have released this without this type of encouragement or endorsement.

I recorded the album entirely by myself with the exception of help on "B to A" from two great musicians/friends Jason Reimer and Steve Hill. It was mastered by David Willingham.

I am proud of this album, for what it's worth.

I suppose it's worth the time it takes for you to download it...

This download does not include the liner notes...you will have to contact me or purchase a download from Life and Living for that!

thanks for listening.

AS OF 10/03/2012:



Tapes from India -Part 2 Dr. Chittibabu

I think the fact that this sounds so fucked up may be the reason why I like it so much. I found a version of this album on emusic, but I think I prefer this tape hissed out version. I also like that between tracks you can hear the other side of the tape backwards- I think that kind of transfers in the mp3 version. I think this album, "Bells of Joy" is from 1991.

Dr. Chittibabu played the Veena, kind of like a South Indian version of a sitar...I think it sounds more like an acoustic guitar at times. He was a legend in his own lifetime. He passed away on Feb of 1996 of a massive cardiac arrest. He was 59.

At one time I expressed interest to a UNT professor Poovlur Srinivasan in learning the Veena and I was told that women played Veena primarily... at least that's how I remember it! I never got the money together to buy a Veena and that interest faded...

I have another tape that has a Chittibabu leading a Veena Orchestra, I believe 50 veenas playing classical melodies in unison...perhaps the Glenn Branca of Indian Carnatic classical music? maybe a little more like the Rhys Chatham of India... he seems a little less aggro...Let's not get off track and start a ridiculous argument about post-punk minimalism...

time to leave work now.


Tapes from India -Part 1 KHAL NAYAK soundtrack

I've never seen this film, but I've had the soundtrack for a long time (thanks Cha! maybe the only thing I'll ever thank you for...) aaand I finally got around to ripping it. Apparently the track "Choli Ke Peechhe" was a controversial song for it's racy title/query which translates to "what's behind your blouse" which apparently is akin to flashing a boob at the superbowl or something. It also made the song extremely popular. I saw something that said a track from this soundtrack was used on that slumdog millionaire film...I can't remember for sure. The other thing I found out is that These Tipps soundtrack cassettes feature commercials at the end of side A, and if f there wasnt enough room on a side to fit a track they'd edit it or cut it... I have been searching for a CD version of the soundtrack but I havent found one.

I just found a UK cassette version of this soundtrack today that has different commercial and mixes and sounds almost as lo-fi as the one I own. So I included the tracks from that rip in the folder as well... I think this soundtrack has some yatch rock tendencies at points but overall I love it and it was the first glimpse at the great weirdness of Indian film soundtracks for me... I still do not know much about Bollywood soundtracks but every once and a while over the years I've happened upon some gems...

Next up, NOLLYWOOD soundtracks? I still haven't heard one of those... or seen too much of one of those films but man the trailers are amazing!

factoid- Tricky sampled the beat to "O Maa Tujhe Salaam" on the track "Ponderosa"


BEAR IN HEAVEN's new record Beat Rest Forth Mouth.

no leaked files here... sorry. they're my good friends and I think they wouldn't be too pleased if I did that...just a mention.

there are some preview tracks available out there in the inter-nest.

the artwork is oddly striking. check out more by the artist, Laura Brothers, here



Here is a sketch of an idea of a part of a song. A few weeks ago, I set a goal that I would finish a Diamond Age album by Jan. 1st., and well- it's been a little slow going! I have been recording much in the same process as "Beguiling the Hours" that is, with barely enough gear to make it happen. I am sad that I killed the old Kawai keyboard. the Casio replacement $30 keyboard is a total piece of shit and I have to squeeze out a sound that doesn't completely sound awful... But I have acquired a Baldwin Fun Machine organ that I've been tinkering over the past few months.

This track needs a few things to "fix" it, but at any rate- here is an early mix.



sUMMEReNDS MIX (via birdandwhale)

sUMMEReNDS mix Disk 1:

1. Caravan - Asforteri 25
2. Dorothy Ashby - Soul Vibrations
3. Módulo 1000 - Curtíssima
4. Som Imaginário - Ascenso
5. Ananda Shankar - The River
6. Ray Cathode - Waltz In Orbit
7. Os Brazoes - Espiral
8. Bwana - La Jurumba
9. The Byrds - So You want to be a Rock'N'Roll Star
10. The Equals - I can See but You don't Know
11. Hasil Adkins - The HUNCH
12. Mustafa Ozkent Orchestra - Dolana
13. Gareth Williams - Anger or Fire
14. Piero Piccioni - Babylon I'm Comin'
16. The Troggs - I Want You
17. Love - My Little Red Book
18. Jacques Dutronc - Les Gens Sont Fous, Les Temps Sont Flous
19. The Creation - I Am the Walker
20. Pink Floyd - See Saw

sUMMEReNDS mix Disk 2:

1. The Index - Eight Miles High
2. Dara Puspita - To Love Somebody
3. Prince Jazzbo - Fool of Love
4. Fábio - Lindo Sonho Delirante
5. Piero Umilani - Dynamique en Tension No. 1
6. Ennio Morricone - Un Altro Mare
7. Sophie Daumier - Femme Femme
8. The Moments - Ride Your Pony
9. King Tubby - satta dub
10. Soft Machine - Dada was Here
11. Embryo - Hackbrett-dance
12. Venus Gang - Evil Times
13. Family Fodder - Savoire Faire
14. Usha Iyer & Asha Bhosle - I Love You
15. Liliental - Wattwurm
16. Broadcast - Pendulum
17. Tonto's Expanding Head Band - Riversong
18. Armando Trovajoli - Vedo Nudo (diva waltz)



BIRD AND WHALE is a site created by a good friend of mine, Brad Loving. I've been lucky to have been asked to post some digital "mixtapes" for the past year and a half and here are a few of them... I urge you to check out the all mixes on the site. Dante Carfagna's Another Time Another Place kept popping up on my ipod and I really couldnt figure out where i got what I thought was this amazing Smithsonian Folkways record...? Even down to the cover artwork- it is that perfect. The Numero Group's Rob Sevier's mixes are dizzying sound collages of trance music from all over the globe. Of course Brad's mixes are solid as well as John Herndon, Bundy K Brown, Paul Duncan, Need Windham....etc. Anyway, there are so many great mixes on the site. Here are a few that I have previously posted...

1 Roy Budd - Goodbye Carter! - Get Carter OST

2 Embryo - Abdul Malek - We Keep On

3 Assim Assado - Rock Blue - Assim Assado

4 Aphrodite's Child - The End of the World - The End of the World

5 The Kinks - King King - Arthur

6 Erasmo Carlos - 26 Anos De Vida Normal -

7 Bo Diddley- Bo Diddley

8 Pnoom- CAN - Delay 1968

9 Sire Victor Uwaifo - Dododo - Guitar-Boy Superstar

10 Serge Gainsbourg - 69 année érotique - Jane Birkin/Serge Gainsbourg

11 Silver Apples - Ruby - Contact

12 The United States of America - Cloud Song - The United States of America

13 Robert Wyatt - To Caravan and Brother Jim - The End of an Ear

14 Nelson Angelo e Joyce - Comunhao - Nelson Angelo e Joyce

15 Nirvana - Take This Hand - Story of Simon Simopath

16 S. Brunolini - Polyphony - SpeedBall Experience comp.

17 Kevin Ayers - Girl on a Swing - Joy of a Toy

18 Krzysztof Komeda - Sarah In a Bath - Fearless Vampire Killers OST

19 Bob Marley - I'm Still Waiting - Songs of Freedom comp

20 Caravan - Ride - Caravan

21 The Pretty Things - What's the Use - Parachute

22 Lee Perry and the Upsetters - Bad Walking - Cloak and Dagger

23 White Noise - Visitations

24 Paul Giovani - Willow's Song - The Wicker Man OST

25 Ron Wood - Mystifies Me - I've Got My Own Album To Do

26 Song of the Siren - Tim Buckley - Starsailor

1 Ennio Morricone - Dialogo N.1

2 Krzysztof Komeda - Alfred In The Crypt

3 Nino Rota - Main Titles Toby Dammit Theme

4 Technical Space Composer's Crew - Boat Woman Song (edit)

5 Ennio Morricone - 1970

6 Ennio Morricone - Le Fotografie

7 Krzysztof Komeda - Vampire Corners

8 Nino Rota - Toby Dammit Theme Slow Fox

9 Ennio Morricone - Il sogno

10 Nora Orlandi - Obscure Remembering

11 Ennio Morricone - Astratto II

12 Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra - Love In Space

13 Piero Piccioni - The Trap

14 Nora Orlandi - Descending

15 Nora Orlandi - Body Fox

16 John Barry - My Love Has Two Faces (Instrumental Demo)

17 Nino Rota - Ninna Nanna

18 Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier - Teen Tonic

19 Ennio Morricone - La Bambola

20 Piero Piccioni - Con o senza sole

21 Goblin - Sighs

22 Nino Rota - Aria Di Roma - Main Titles

23 Ennio Morricone - Il Clan Dei Siciliani

1 NINO NARDINI / BOREDOMS - afro beat (loop) > Music For Dancefloors - Cream Of The Chappell Sessions /LIVWE!! > Super Roots 9
2 BRiGITTE BARDO - contact > Brigitte Bardo Show
3 UR (SECRET CHIEFS 3) - drive > 7"
4 BEAR IN HEAVEN - shining and free > Red Bloom of the Bloom

5 SERGE GAINSBORG / CLUSTER - premiers symptômes (4 second loop) > L'homme à la tête de chou / Rote Riki > Zuckerzeit
6 LUNGFISH- love is love > love is love
7 THE BEAT - twist and crawl dub > rough trade cassette 81
8 ALKA YAGNIK & Chorus- aaja sajan aaja > Kahal Nayak OST
9 BROADCAST - microtronics #2 > microtronics ep
10 EPMD - you gots to chill > strictly business
11 J DILLA - walkinonit > donuts LP
12 CAN - ...and more > I want more 7"
13 SOUND DIMENSION - real rock > Soul Jazz Studio One Rockers comp.

14 KIM JUNG MI - 햇님 > Now
15 DREW RYDBERG - kasey kasem death dedication remix?
16 HARVEY MILK - women dig it > My Love is Higher Than Your Assessment of What My Love Could Be

17 ENNIO MORRICONE - Piume di Cristallo (Alternate Version) > L`uccello dalle Piume di Cristallo OST
18 PAN SONIC - Lomittain > A
19 Alessandro Alessandroni/Nora Orlandi - Lo Strano Vizio Della Signor Wardh : The Bondage suite 3 > Music For strange situations
20 SYD BARRETT - late night > Wouldn't You Miss Me?


UNIT 1996 4-Track Tapes

UNIT was a band that you might have seen if you mistakenly stumbled into the Somber Reptile, the Wreck Room, JW Dobbs (?) Homage (that building that became the old eyedrum) or that one place across from the taco bell on Ponce de Leon....maybe even the midtown (i think it was called) frijoleros on Peachtree St. in ATL circa 1994-1996. Those fine establishments where you could book a show on a Friday by calling on the Tuesday before. One of those clubs where the door guy asks "who are you here to see?" and puts an X next the band name you told him. The best payment system ever. Maybe you even threw something at them, or spit at them because they didnt play METAL. Maybe you were there to see the Martians and UNIT happened to be playing first.

Pulled from the original 4-track tapes a month ago and salvaged "remastered" via computer techmology, this is THE definitive recording of UNIT. These are pretty much live takes in the practice room at Black Box rehearsal Studio. We were so so tragically stoned all the time and had little or no clue about recording, booking or eh-um, playing THAT good...

There are a few moments where this doesn't sound "terrible", but I have to say it mildly depressed me at the amount of extreme guitar wankage going down on this shite. Looking back on this, I remember practicing A LOT. and we actually have sounded "better" than these recordings. I will continue telling myself this.

so yeah, to make this more of a beating of a listen, it is included as one single 44:13 track of failed attempts. Failure is the best! All hail FAILURE!!!

I wish I could remember the track names. here's some new track names instead....





The unreleased album from Coals to Newcastle... they called it a day shortly after completing this. Members went on to The Angelus, Faceless Werewolves, The Aleph, Dream Tigers, Tang Lung, and make music for video games....Have I missed anything?

Recorded 1998 (?) on 4-track and 8-track in Denton, TX

Mixed by Rawly Pickens

Matt Chaney - Guitar, Vocals

Matt Piersall - Keyboards

Mike Raines - Drums

Emil Rapstine - Guitar, Vocals

Baldomero Valdez - Bass Guitar


MANDARIN. one "lost" track.

An unfinished track from an album that never was... Album #3 from Mandarin. killed the band...Or was it the West Coast tour? Nobody knows for sure. Not even those involved. Shortly after the demise, Jayson Wortham packed up the tunes from "Album #3" (afterall, they WERE his for the taking) and went on to form Dove Hunter.


This 1996 side project fronted by Hira of the BOREDOMS is a classic space rock album, and pre-dates the Boredom's psyche stuff by a few years. It brings to mind the images Rutger Hauer as Roy Batty in Blade Runner describes in his pre-death monologue-

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off ther shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain... Time to die...."


LADDIO BOLOCKO were an incendiary live band formed in 1996 featuring former Zeni Geva and Dazzling Killmen drummer Blake Flemming, the spidery guitar wizardry of Drew St. Ivany, Marcus DeGrazia on horns, and Ben Armstrong on Bass and Guitar. I remember sifting through the mail at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios looking at the cds submitted by bands for booking and I came across "In Real Time" and it blew me away. It was probably the 1 out of 500 mailed submissions that was actually GOOD- wait a minute, this is actually GREAT!

They never made it to Denton due to canceling the tour (or at least coming through TX). They finally came to Dallas a couple years later, opening for Trans Am @ TREES. I don't think very many people knew what they were in for, and in this recording from the night before at EMO'S (Austin, TX) though it is not the best *quality-wise, this showcases them at possibly the peak of their short life span... Rarely have I seen a band command attention to an entire audience of people who have never heard them from the beginning of the set.

The band split up shortly after this tour and St. Ivany and Armstrong went on to form The Psychic Paramount, and Flemming and DeGrazia went on to form Electric Turn to Me. I just found out Flemming was also the drummer for the Mars Volta and toured with them on their tour opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers...

NO QUARTER reissued their complete discography on a 2-CD set called "The Life & Times of Laddio Bolocko"(which is now out of print again...) as well as releases by The Psychic Paramount

*there was a scratch on the original CD...some skipping noise toward the end of the set. and it is not indexed. Yep, one 39-minute long track. I can't even remember how I got this recording. I think I traded some other live recording for it? I'd love to get a copy of the original...


Shows of Yore #4 (Papa M) and #5 (Wiring Prank)

(rubber gloves ten years ago)

I recently moved into a new house and while unpacking, I cracked open the old CD vaults before again stashing them away in the closet again. I think a lot of this stuff has remained unopened for 6 years or so... Some questionable/embarrassing stuff in there for sure, but every once and a while I would find something and have to put it on and re-listen to it. Back in the day, I used to record shows with a DAT recorder and sometimes I guessed right with the mic placement and the levels and it actually worked out. These are two shows that for the most part fall in that category.

Papa M was a solo project from David Pajo from seminal 90s bands Slint and original member of Tortoise who went on to start Aerial M, and then Papa M, Pajo, and Dead Child. This is a show on November 21,1999 at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios. This is from his last forays in the "post-rock" genre supporting his drag city album "Live from a Shark Cage" but you can hear an slight leaning toward the folk he has been playing for the past 6-7 years. The great Alan Licht played guitar on this tour. Apologies for setting a mic next to the people chatting throughout a good amount of this show. But that's the way it was (still is?) most of the time at RGRS...

Wiring Prank were an exceptional Denton band. I remember seeing them as early as 1997 at the Argo in the BIG ASS BEER days. I saw recently in DFW/DIY blog posted an EP (?)... which was a bit more in the June of '44 zone than this show from 1999. They transformed into a much more melodic, introspective, and for lack of a better word "slowcore" band. They have never released material from this period... This band features Bryan VanDivier (now plays drums for Tre Orsi) on guitar/Bass Six(?), a couple of Sams (last names please), and Will Johnson (um...) on drums. They actually opened for Papa M, but I thought the recording from the two songs from this show a few months prior was a bit more "spirited". I am unsure where this show was....perhaps the Old Dan's Bar?



This is a recording of Paul Duncan from a brief tour of the Southeast in 2007. This was at the Earl in east ATL... I have fond memories of this tour. Some of the funniest shit happened...



This is from Baptist Generals/Centro-matic US tour in 2005. A bit different than what they have become in the past few years- this is the "plugged-in" version of the band. After hearing it again, I cant decide if I think it's "too rocked out" or what? yeah, perhaps at times! There is some "charm" to it though... But I did notice is that Chris Flemmons stands out, and is and always has been the focus and the reason why this music is great. I was lucky to play in this band for a while and I have to admit it was a bit hectic at times but there were some great shows... This was from a weird night that we played with this turd of a songwriter named Jesse Malin who urged us to play our opening slot right on time which we did, then waited for nearly an hour and a half after we were done to play second, thus leaving Centro-matic with the 130AM slot and a few hangers on who were wasted enough to stay. And it was fucking cold that night- yeah, It's BUFFALO! Anyway, this is a recording made by the sound guy that night. It does sound a bit on the straight-to-the-board side of live recordings, but it's still a pretty good show.

Baptist Generals (tour 2005)

Chris Flemmons
Ryan Williams
Peter Salisbury
M. Leer
David Douglas