LADDIO BOLOCKO were an incendiary live band formed in 1996 featuring former Zeni Geva and Dazzling Killmen drummer Blake Flemming, the spidery guitar wizardry of Drew St. Ivany, Marcus DeGrazia on horns, and Ben Armstrong on Bass and Guitar. I remember sifting through the mail at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios looking at the cds submitted by bands for booking and I came across "In Real Time" and it blew me away. It was probably the 1 out of 500 mailed submissions that was actually GOOD- wait a minute, this is actually GREAT!

They never made it to Denton due to canceling the tour (or at least coming through TX). They finally came to Dallas a couple years later, opening for Trans Am @ TREES. I don't think very many people knew what they were in for, and in this recording from the night before at EMO'S (Austin, TX) though it is not the best *quality-wise, this showcases them at possibly the peak of their short life span... Rarely have I seen a band command attention to an entire audience of people who have never heard them from the beginning of the set.

The band split up shortly after this tour and St. Ivany and Armstrong went on to form The Psychic Paramount, and Flemming and DeGrazia went on to form Electric Turn to Me. I just found out Flemming was also the drummer for the Mars Volta and toured with them on their tour opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers...

NO QUARTER reissued their complete discography on a 2-CD set called "The Life & Times of Laddio Bolocko"(which is now out of print again...) as well as releases by The Psychic Paramount

*there was a scratch on the original CD...some skipping noise toward the end of the set. and it is not indexed. Yep, one 39-minute long track. I can't even remember how I got this recording. I think I traded some other live recording for it? I'd love to get a copy of the original...


  1. "you're in trouble with the bartender, you're in trouble with the man".......

    "you got pissed, threw a fit, and blamed it all on me"........

    "i didn't open my big mouth, i was there for the rock n' roll!!!"..........

    ps- remember their badass leather pants?

  2. I forgot that was the night that inspired the Bartender song!

  3. Psychic Paramount played at Hailey's a few years ago. I was totally blown away.

  4. Hi there,

    Laddio Bolocko- Live at the Stagger Inn, 1998

    enjoy it!


  5. thanks moesgaard! I just saw this link