This is from Baptist Generals/Centro-matic US tour in 2005. A bit different than what they have become in the past few years- this is the "plugged-in" version of the band. After hearing it again, I cant decide if I think it's "too rocked out" or what? yeah, perhaps at times! There is some "charm" to it though... But I did notice is that Chris Flemmons stands out, and is and always has been the focus and the reason why this music is great. I was lucky to play in this band for a while and I have to admit it was a bit hectic at times but there were some great shows... This was from a weird night that we played with this turd of a songwriter named Jesse Malin who urged us to play our opening slot right on time which we did, then waited for nearly an hour and a half after we were done to play second, thus leaving Centro-matic with the 130AM slot and a few hangers on who were wasted enough to stay. And it was fucking cold that night- yeah, It's BUFFALO! Anyway, this is a recording made by the sound guy that night. It does sound a bit on the straight-to-the-board side of live recordings, but it's still a pretty good show.

Baptist Generals (tour 2005)

Chris Flemmons
Ryan Williams
Peter Salisbury
M. Leer
David Douglas

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