Here is a sketch of an idea of a part of a song. A few weeks ago, I set a goal that I would finish a Diamond Age album by Jan. 1st., and well- it's been a little slow going! I have been recording much in the same process as "Beguiling the Hours" that is, with barely enough gear to make it happen. I am sad that I killed the old Kawai keyboard. the Casio replacement $30 keyboard is a total piece of shit and I have to squeeze out a sound that doesn't completely sound awful... But I have acquired a Baldwin Fun Machine organ that I've been tinkering over the past few months.

This track needs a few things to "fix" it, but at any rate- here is an early mix.

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  1. Did you get that Fun Machine? Your mastery of the instrument earned you it at least. Out of anyone you were the Fun Master.