UNIT 1996 4-Track Tapes

UNIT was a band that you might have seen if you mistakenly stumbled into the Somber Reptile, the Wreck Room, JW Dobbs (?) Homage (that building that became the old eyedrum) or that one place across from the taco bell on Ponce de Leon....maybe even the midtown (i think it was called) frijoleros on Peachtree St. in ATL circa 1994-1996. Those fine establishments where you could book a show on a Friday by calling on the Tuesday before. One of those clubs where the door guy asks "who are you here to see?" and puts an X next the band name you told him. The best payment system ever. Maybe you even threw something at them, or spit at them because they didnt play METAL. Maybe you were there to see the Martians and UNIT happened to be playing first.

Pulled from the original 4-track tapes a month ago and salvaged "remastered" via computer techmology, this is THE definitive recording of UNIT. These are pretty much live takes in the practice room at Black Box rehearsal Studio. We were so so tragically stoned all the time and had little or no clue about recording, booking or eh-um, playing THAT good...

There are a few moments where this doesn't sound "terrible", but I have to say it mildly depressed me at the amount of extreme guitar wankage going down on this shite. Looking back on this, I remember practicing A LOT. and we actually have sounded "better" than these recordings. I will continue telling myself this.

so yeah, to make this more of a beating of a listen, it is included as one single 44:13 track of failed attempts. Failure is the best! All hail FAILURE!!!

I wish I could remember the track names. here's some new track names instead....



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