HUGE THANKS to Gutterth for having me on this bill.   Those guys always go above and beyond...  I've yet to attend a Dead Week Print Show, but I assume some printing is involved.  The Panector guys will most likely be printing shirts on site and they make good stuff.  Not sure who P.A.N.T.S. is (un-googleable) but I really like my pants- I wear them every day. 

If you haven't seen Pinkish Black, it should be a priority to check it out now before the pitchforks of the world tell you they're really great.  It's really a novel idea: hear it for yourself! (now here's me telling you my dumb opinions!) They are hands down the most interesting and crushing band in North Texas... (featuring ex-members of Pointy Shoe Factory, Yeti, and The Great Tyrant) Their first LP is being released via Handmade Birds in May.  Nervous Curtains just returned from a lengthy U.S. tour and should be in top-notch form.  Forever Home is a new project by James Washington of Peopleodian (remember when he was in Nizzardz! or BOY DIVISION???) Gavin G will DJ between sets. I'm hyped to be playing this show and I will be performing some new material for the first time that should appear on the Pour Le Corps cassette release I'm finishing...  

This is what it looked like...

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