PSST....Please don't tell anyone, but a secret show is happening THIS SATURDAY... so much of a secret, that all these facebookers who were invited to the event page decided to not click on "attending" as to not draw too much attention, thus making it one of those over-capacity and sold-out messes… by the way, it's at the DOUBLEWIDE- 

This is the first Dallas appearance of Ashley Cromeens' new solo act -DEF RAIN, (you may remember her from another band if you know what I'm talking about- shhhh). A truly talented and distinct voice... A real live North TX musical treasure. criminally underrated. All this having only played 2 shows so far.

Also on this night is a rare Dallas appearance of a secret Denton band. Think all the things you like about live music and bands and entertainment and then filter it through an original sounding band making machine and voila!... ok I'll go ahead spill the beans- PEOPLEODIAN…

And some other joker is going to play 2nd…(who?) -

And on the patio there will be all the other people that go to the Doublewide and hang out on the patio! And there will definitely be a line to go pee. things are really looking up!

It's TOMORROW night Dallas, choose wisely…but don't tell anybody.

some people buy tickets in advance for live shows here.


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  1. great the secret show is need of some people but if you give some more detail about your show related.
    Diamond Texas