Here's a mix I initially made for a close friend's birthday. She loves Italian soundtrack music.  This mix contains mostly Italian soundtrack music, and a few other soundtrack tunes that are not Italian.  Some things are from other kitsch/soundtrack comps, most are not.  Here is another sentence about writing about the mix you should be downloading by now and listening to already.

***UPDATE- link was shut down for copyright violation specifically for a Piero Umiliani track from the Lina Wertmuller film "Mimí metallurgico ferito nell'onore " I will try to remedy this soon. Judging by the overwhelming response... Or maybe you should just go buy all these tracks from itunes (if you can find them there) and assemble the mix yourself?

****01/15/13 LINK FIXED!!! DOWNLOAD!

(unzip then double click the .m3u file. playlist will load into itunes)

here's the Tracklist

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