I'm very excited to be playing this show tonight...  I've been so busy lately with the day job that I haven't been able to express this excitement about this show via the internets much, but I think this is a great lineup at a great sounding venue that should be a great way to start this cold week...it will definitely be hot in this room tonight.  Chicago's CAVE are a fantastic band. If you don't believe me,  WATCH THIS. Fans of repetition, motorik rhythms, analog synths, "jamming" without noodling, drone without snooze... will not be disappointed.

Denton's FINAL CLUB opens and I haven't seen them, but what I've heard is very promising. Reminds me a bit of mid-90's Pavement/Polvo -esque guitar rock, which is a GOOD thing... Not to say they sound just like those bands, much in the same way that I don't think CAVE sounds like Krautrock that much...

just go to the show already, ya dummies!

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  1. wish i could be there... thanks for the tip on CAVE! gonna catch em at the mohawk tomorrow night.